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Shiiba Gaku
Shiiba Gaku.png
Japanese Name 椎葉 岳
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Blood Type O
Height 172
Weight 57
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Shiiba Gaku (椎葉 岳) is the main protagonist of Sugarless (manga), a first year student in Kushima High School, aiming for the top of "Windmill"





Uprising of the First Years[]

Gaku is introduced entering a fight with two students. Knocking them unconscious, he says only the strong survive, and that's the rule of "Windmill". Viewing the banner attached to the windmill, he says "Shake" has a funny name.[1]

Inside the school, while walking down the second years corridor. When asked to stop, he's confronted by a student and told the building is for second years and informed of the school's ranking system. Preparing to fight, he's suddenly knocked out into a classroom behind him by a student swinging into corridor through the window. Later on, in the school yard, he overhears shouting and notices the guy from earlier. Viewing his size, he names him "Marimo". After Marimo unleashes anger on a fellow student. Gaku leaps into the air to attack, but is unsuccessful. Questioned about his intentions, he tells Marimo about his desire to seize the top. Shocked by his non interest he asks why he's in the school. Annoyed by his reason he punches him, only to be clotheslined. Sitting up, Gaku finds himself surround by other students. Threatened to be beaten up, Gaku finds himself in a fight against them. Witnessing Marimo get involved in the fight he questions why. After he explains why, together they both knock out the attacking students. When a student on the school rooftop speaks out about reaching the top, Gaku turns around to view him.[1]

Gaku tells Marimo not to get in his way and challenges Shake to fight him. Telling Marimo to stay out of his fight, he says he no interest in becoming the top. Kanarase Takashi over hears this and starts a fight with Gaku after making his way towards him. Having been knocked down Gaku says he's the one who challenged Shake and now Takashi is trying to steal his fight. Gaku suprises him with a kick to face until he gets up and exchanges blows with him. As Shake appears on the school yard and takes out Takashi with a single, after he ran towards him. Gaku seems shocked until Shake walks right past him. He rushes towards Shake telling him not to look down on him and punches him in the face.[2]

Preparing to follow up his attack with one more hit he manages to kick Shake in the face. Until Gaku is punched in the face by Shake and sent flying across the school yard.[3]

After being defeated by Shake, Marimo begins carrying him around the school across his back.[4]

Upon hearing the word head, he wakes up and returns to his feet. He calls out Shake until a student mentions that it he seems he's okay. Gaku questions who he is and he introduces himself as Mukai Shirou and mentions Shake is somewhere far above him.[5]

The next day upon entering the school yard he meets Marimo and tells him he's carrying too much food. Until Shiro walks past him and he mentions about not liking him. Upon making their way inside they come across Hydra stepping out of a classroom where Urabe Osamu claims they'll defeat Shake and become head of the windmill. As Gaku asks the point of getting a bunch of people together if only one person can be the head. He threatens to tear their face off if they get near him, no matter how many people he's got. Urabe calls Gaku a dog and tells him to use his brain. Mentioning Shiro is the strongest first year and if nobody can defeat him then they can't go up. He then asks for them to lend him a hand in crushing him. Gaku tells them, the windmill is probably something like a belt to them meaning their the baddest guy around but to him its got more shine than that.[6]

As Gaku explains he can see infront of him he wants to grasp that and get a taste of it. Nothing mattered to him before, but now he has the windmill in his sight and whoever's in the way of him becoming the head, he'll just crush them and that he doesn't have time to focus his sight on small fry like Hydra.[7]

Urabe flicks his cigarette towards Gaku and he kicks him in the head but he pulls his leg back when Gaku raises his fist to meet his leg. They both clash heads until Urabe begins to walk away and says he's looking forward to him being destroyed by Shiro. After Marumo gets in his face about not throwing a cigarette away. Urabe laughs and mentions being unable to get through to them, saying they're just an overeager barking dog and an overeating pig. He warns them about himself crushing the both of them. As Hydra walks away Shiiba starts stretching when Marimo asks if he's going. Gaku says he's not one to wait around and he really doesn't like the smug look on Shiro's face. When Gaku makes his way to the gymnasium he asks Shiro how he got up to the ceiling and if he's a monkey.[8]

After mocking Shirou he climbs down from the gymnasium ceiling and asks if he came to taunt him. He asks if he's not too found of Shake. Gaku swings his fist towards him until Shirou grabs it and says they have something in common. Revealing he despises Shake, Shirou lowers him to his knees and punches him. Telling Gaku he can't win against him because they're simular and that he's not tough enough. Mentioning he also hates being looked down upon, he reveals his loss against Shake and because of that he can't stand his face and wants nothing more than seeing Shake beat down. Angered, he says there's meaning to taking Shake's position as head and repeatedly punches Gaku. Explaining the reason for his training, Shirou delivers a final punch and starts to walk away. When Gaku mocks his explanation Shirou starts to become annoyed.[9]

Gaku gets back to his feet and swings for Shiro but he avoids and strikes him back down telling him to be a good boy and stay down this time. As Gaku tells him that hurt he gets up and hits him with a round house kick and laughs after doing so. Unassumed Shiro informs him the only one getting a beating is him and knocks him down. Getting up Gaku begins panting and says he's different from him as he doesnt have the will to improve himself, in someone ele's shadow and no matter how many times he gets beaten down, all hes gotta do is get up everytime. Shiro says he understands what makes him tick, however, what valvue can be found, in winning without winning the title of head without any effort. Shirou and Gaku then both punch each other in face simultaneously.[10]

Continuing to fight their brawl spills to the front entrance where they knocked down who was Marumo stood outside. As Gaku questions what he's been up to, Shiro says he's in his way. When Marimo reveals his experience of formerly being a gang leader until being beaten by single man, Gaku asks him who it was. Marimo then asks Urabe to come at him with everything he's got and he'll return it with everything he's got. Both Gaku and Shiro watch on.[11]

When Marimo picks up Urabe, Gaku questions what he's doing, Marimo says he's taking him to the infirmary. As Gaku mentions he's a loser who can't fight without his gang backing him and asks him to leave him there. Marimo tells him he may look the same on the outside, he's changed on in the side. Asking Gaku and Shirou if they finished their fight, if not keep going and he'll carry whoever loses. Shiro tells Gaku the fight has been ruined thanks to him. Gaku tells Shiro not to try and run away with a pathetic excuse. Marimo sugguests they settle it in a different way, carry the remaining members of Hydra to the infirmary, and whoever carries the most wins. When Gaku complains about it, Shiro accepts and Gaku says that's low. As Gaku begins carrying two people Shiro taunts him saying its his win as he's carrying three. Witnessing Marimo carrying multiple people he calls him a monster. The three of them go back for the remaining members and return to the school when Gaku complains there's too many of them, and questions how many trips has it been. Shiro tells him he bitches too much while Marimo asks them both to shut up and carry.[12]

Trouble Within Éclair[]

While inside a store reading a magazine he his suddenly greeted by Marumo Taiji which takes him by suprise. As he asks not to greet him like so. Overhearing a commotion they notice Urabe demanding tobacco. Questioning how dumb he can get Marumo says thats its funny coming from him.


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