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Marumo Taiji
Marumo Taiji.png
Japanese Name 丸母 タイジ
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Red
Blood Type AB
Height 195
Weight 96
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Marumo Taiji (丸母 タイジ) also referred to as "Marimo" (マリモ) by Shiiba Gaku. Is a first year student at Kushima High School and the original leader of Éclair.





Uprising of the First Years[]

Taji is introduced swinging into the second years corridor through a open window. Stood in the corridor, he asks for the restroom until noticing a sign and makes his way towards it.[1]

Later on, in the school yard, he's questioned about his earlier actions by a student. After excusing himself, the man comes over wanting to fight and kicks his food supply. Shocked, he stands up and unleashes his anger. Declaring it's his lunch time and not wanting to be hindered. Avoiding being attacked from behind, he questions his attacker's intentions and sends him a warning. He says he's not interested. Questioned why he's in the school, after giving his reason and picks a cup of ramen. Seeing it knocked away. Angered, he clotheslines the student. Shortly afterwards, more students appear and begin fighting and he decides to get involved. Asked about his involvement, he mentions the student shouldn't waste his fists on scum. Together they both knock out the attacking students. When a man on the school rooftop speaks out about reaching the top, Taji turns around to view him.[1]

When Shiiba Gaku challenges Shake to fight after introducing himself. He tells Taiji that this is his fight and to stay out. Taiji tells him he's not interested in becoming the top. As Shake appears on the school yard and defeats Kanarase Takashi with one blow, Taiji becomes stunned. Approached by Shake he's asked for his name and told he might be worth his time until he begins to walk away.[2]

Witnessing Gaku attack Shake until he is defeated by a single blow. He asks Shake why he won't guard. Shake asks him why should he and explains if you don't want to be hit then you shouldn't fight in the first place. Suprised, Taiji says he has a point and as he's looking at it from a different angle. As he tells him he's not interested in becoming head, Shake calls it a pity, until Taiji says looking at him has got him fired up and it's getting him excited.[3]

Passing through the school corridor carrying Gaku across his back he appears behind Tanaka Hiraori, who is hiding a crowbar behind is back while being approached by Mukai Shirou. Taiji disarms him and bends the crowbar using his mouth.[4]

Telling Hiraori he won't be needing something that twisted, he flees the area. As Shirou watches him retreat Taiji asks Shirou whats wrong. Shirou tells him to interfere as he was looking forward to crushing Hiraori for disrespecting Shake's words. As Taiji asks him about the unconscious students below them, Shirou mentions they are friends of Hiraori. He heads down the stairs and picks up all the students. As Shiro mentions he takes care of people even with carrying Gaku across his back. He says he isn't going to pretend that he didn't see anything. As smoke fills the area he sees Hiroari prepare to attack Shirou from behind and throws the bodies his of freinds on top of Hiroari. As Shirou asks if he's aiming to be become head of the windmill. If so he'll be crushing him one day. Gaku suddenly wakes up and returns to his feet calling Shake until Shirou introduces himself.[5]

The next day upon entering the school yard he meets Gaku who tells him he's carrying too much food to which he refuses. Upon making their way inside they come across Hydra stepping out of a classroom where Urabe Osamu claims they'll defeat Shake and become head of the windmill. As Taiji mentions he has a lot of people for a Hydra. Urabe says there is no needed to worry. Asked if he wants to join to Hydra he declines, when asked why, he claims their name is completely lame.[6]

When Gaku explains his view to become the head of the windmill and he'll crush whoever gets in his way. Marumo is suprised by his talk.[7]

As Urabe begins to walk away after flicking his cigarette towards Gaku and them both clashing heads. Marumo sticks a cigarette in his face and tells him not to throw it away like so. Urabe laughs and mentions being unable to get through to them, saying they're just an overeager barking dog and an overeating pig. He warns them about himself crushing the both of them. As Hydra walks away Shiiba starts stretching when Marimo asks if he's going. Gaku says he's not one to wait around and he really doesn't like the smug look on Shiro's face.[8]

When heads to Gaku heads to the gymnasium to challenge Shiro. Taiji sits outside eating ramen.[9]

After finishing his ramen he disposes of it in rubbish bin infront of gymnasium while looking on at the door. Turning his attention to his bag food on top of the bin he searches through it and moves on. Having walked around the building he comes across members of Hydra and takes them by suprise. When the remaining members of Hydra arrive at the gymnasium entrance. Taiji sat on top of the other Hydra members tells them to halt. He asks Urabe if he knows who's inside, and he asks if it's Gaku and Shirou. Taiji stands up and says that's all the more reason for himself not to let him pass.[10]

Urabe asks if this a joke and if he wants to be eaten alive by Hydra. As Taji counts the number of men and asks if thats everyone in Hydra. One member charges towards him until he is clotheslined. Taji tells Urabe he must be strong, for that many people to be following him and asks why does he surround himself with them. Explaining how Gaku and Shirou stand alone. Urabe asks what's with the tacky crap he's sproutin and tells Hydra to get him. As Hydra begin to outnumber him. Urabe says its only natural for a pack to form around someone with power. Believing the fight to be over he begins to head forward until Taji knocks everyone out. Urabe becomes shocked to see them defeated. Taiji asks Urabe to come at him which annoys him.[11]

Urabe tells Taiji he's done well to get this far, but he doesn't look so good any more. Delivering a kick the chest he tells him to go down as he's an eyesore. Taiji tells him without a pack doesnt he think he could try for head himself, to which he says who gives a damn about trying as thats what Hydra is for and hell take it for sure. With the power of Hydra he'll become head. As Urabe kicks him once again he then grabs him by the hair and knees him the face. Telling him he'll lose and to the power of the group. From a long way back, a long long way back. He's come this far as the head and he's won all the way until now. Urabe kicks Taiji on the back of his head but withstands the attack. Calling his kick rusty he knocks him back with a clothesline and asks him to stand up so he can shake all off his rust.[12]

As Taiji tells Urabge he gave up standing on his own two feet too soon. Urabe tells him to quit acting so great and don't look down on what a gang can do and hits him with multiple kicks. He begins to panic as Taiji gets after being brought to his knees. Until Gaku and Shiro's brawl knocks appears before them knocking Taiji down. As he gets back up Urabe says he doesn't get him, no one was going to thank him for anything so did he stand in his way. Taiji reveals his experience of formerly being a gang leader. When a Hydra member grabs hold of him and tells to Urabe to get him. Urabe asks him to let go of Taiji and get out of the way. Taiji asks him to come at him with everything he's got and he'll return it with everything he's got, Urabe smirks and proceeds to kick him until he is powerbombed into the ground.[13]

Trouble Within Éclair[]

Inside a store he greets Shiiba Gaku by suprise until Gaku asks him not to greet him like so. Overhearing a commotion they notice Urabe demanding tobacco. Questioning how dumb he can get Marumo says thats its funny coming from him.


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