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Kanarase Takashi
Kanarase Takashi.png
Japanese Name 鹿嵐 貴
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour
Blood Type
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 2
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Kanarase Takashi (鹿嵐 貴) is a first year student at Kushima High School.



Takashi is strong a fighter with full confidence in his alblities as he believed himself to be superior than Shiiba Gaku, as he compared him to a dog. When Shake appeared during his fight with Gaku, Takashi rushed towards him and punched him directly in the face. Thinking he had got him, Shake was unfazed by his attack and was took out by him with a single punch.


First Years Uprising[]

Shake takes out Kanarase Takashi with one punch.

Overhearing Marumo Taiji tell Shiiba Gaku he isn't interested in the top. Takashi is introduced claiming that's one less person he has beat. When asked who he is Takashi introduces himself and proceeds to punch Gaku, knocking him down. Informing him he's not the only one who wants to become the top, he should quit looking what's above him. Taken by surprise he is kicked in the face by Gaku. As Gaku gets back up they both begin to brawl, until the arrival of Shake on the school yard. Noticing his arrival Takashi rushes towards him and punches him directly in the face. Believing he'd got him, he is taken out by a single punch from Shake.[1]


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